The brand new Robust Case promises stability and robustness by its optics due to the high-quality workmanship and chosen materials.
It’s an ideal companion for any application purpose. Stabilizing and anodized aluminium extrusions, extremely durable outer surface from hard-wearing plastics in honeycomb version, corners of special impact absorbing plastics, as well as ergonomically formed and padded handle – all this leads to amazing low tare weight for high carrying comfort and ease of use. A trolley and running wheels are ideal add-ons in order to transport heavy contents.
The Robust Case is an all-rounder, temperature resistant from -30°C up to +100°C, dust-proof and splash-proof (IP54) and it can be manufactured in nearly all sizes you require and without any tool costs.
The bwh-Robust-Case guarantees perfect protection of your products by individual interiors based on your demands for daily use and also for transportation – an all-rounder case!

Available in six standard sizes:

Art. 50000 425 x 295 x 135 + 75 mm
Art. 50100 515 x 325 x 100 + 75 mm
Art. 50200 555 x 425 x 160 + 75 mm
Art. 50300 765 x 490 x 220 + 75 mm
Art. 50400 900 x 340 x 110 + 75 mm
Art. 50500 620 x 425 x 190 + 75 mm


On request also available with pull-out handle and wheels. All sizes are inside dimensions. (length x width x height bottom + height lid)