Since more than 20 years the shock wave therapy shows its healing abilities in stimulating the self-healing forces of the body by concentrated shock waves. As a consequence of numerous positive results many other application forms as i.e. the orthopedic or trauma surgery area join this treatment type. Besides, there are not only stationary devices for the therapy use, but also small, portable and highly competitive units.. This provides much more mobility.

Optimum protection for sensitive equipment

To protect the sensitive and high quality shock wave devices during mobile use, many medical technology manufacturers choose an individual case solution, which is designed and used for transportion or as a mobile workstation. The high quality image is represented through the outer, also robust such as elegant shape, for instance the aluminum-optic and the raised company logo. Even the interior of the case testifies the individuality and supports the products’ meaning for example by a water-jet cut, exact matching foam insert for different treatment heads and various pockets for cables and accessories. Equipped like this, the devices can be presented on trade fairs and conferences, but especially safely transported for portable use in surgeries and/or therapy centers.

Individual ideas become exclusive cases – by bwh case manufactory

Special cases by bwh are always individually developed and manufactured solutions based on clearly defined user requests. Always with the same precision and care: whether for the design-orientated presentation case or the safety-relevant transportation box. As market leader and recognized specialist in manufacturing sophistic and high-quality cases, bwh is the right contact, since more than 30 years. Many medical technology manufacturers have recognized this and take advantage of our knowledge.