General conditions

1. Our invoices are payable at sellers address, net, cash, without discount unless otherwise agreed. Our bills of exchange or receipts don’t entail neither claims neither deviation to this clause.

2. Past due balances will bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month and will be raised with a fixed compensation of 20% of the outstanding amount with a min. of 24.79€

3. All goods remain seller’s property until full payment. Seller can claim the goods back in case of non-payment.

4. All shipments, even sent FOB (free on board), will done on buyers risk. Any claim must be brought by buyer within 8 days of delivery.

5. a) Orders under 125€ will be charged 8€ administration fee.
b) Orders under 500€ will be shipped at buyers expense pro rata of weight and dimensions. Subsequent deliveries are at sellers expense

6. For COD (cash on delivery) shipments 1.5% of the invoice, with a minimum. of 4€ will be charged. Also COD subsequent deliveries will be charged with 1.5% and a minimum of 4€. Pre-payments are free of charge.

7. Only the courts of law of the sellers district are authorized for any dispute.