HPRC 2760W

Are you ready to achieve a new dimension in the highly protective resin cases market? HPRC 2760W is the only case in the market with 4 built in wheels and 3 functional and comfortable handles. One case, three uses: suitcase, trunk and cart, depending on how you decide to carry it. You can carry it like a trolley, like a suitcase – using the big comfortable handle or both handles when you need two people to move it – or as a cart, stacking a suitcase above the other to drag or push them comfortably. The braking wheels allow to lock it in case of need, guaranteeing therefore maximum safety.

HPRC Light

A new product line born from the HPRC experience in creating highly protective cases: HPRC Light. Two semi-rigid cases to organize and comfortably carry your electronic devices, small accessories, and everything you need at your fingertips while you’re traveling.
A handy magnetic opening system, combined with an outer elastic band, ensures a quick opening and secure closing.
HPRC Light features an innovative organizer made with a system of crossing elastic bands: the perfect solution in order to neatly arrange all the accessories that usually get lost inside the luggage.
HPRC Light is available into 2 sizes (Grande and Medio) and in 2 versions: featuring customizable cubed foam or transparent removable pouches.
With its compact dimensions, both versions can be easily transported inside bags, backpacks and hand luggage. The bigger version can accommodate a tablet with a maximum size of 9.7 “.