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Cases and bags

Eurocase Belux offers the best selection of premium cases and bags. Our cases have established a great reputation and have been winning hearts of customers for over 20 years. You can find many kinds of cases or bags to suit different requirements. Nothing but the best!

19″ racking

The 19 inch racking market is constantly evolving and changing all the time. A 19 inch rack is a standardized system for mounting various electronic equipment in a rack 19″ wide. The 19 inch rack is used in industries such as computing, audio, video, entertainment and various other similar industries. As the world gets smaller and smarter more and increasingly dynamic 19 inch rack solutions are required into which the relevant hardware can be fitted. Make sure that the capacity of the rack is greater than the total weight of the equipment being mounted. We offer unrivalled flexibility whilst quality and value for money are guaranteed!


Eurocase Belux is your dependable partner for cables. Buying a cable can be quite a task although there are plenty of options available in the market to suit the requirements of each electronic system. Eurocase Belux has immense experience in the field of cables. With new technologies and inventions taking the world by storm, the electrical wiring industry has branched out to include a variety of cables that cater to various needs.

Connectors and multi-connectors

Eurocase Belux is a trusted name for connectors and interconnectors. Connectors are available at Eurocase Belux from industry leading manufacturers. Connectors are commonly used to form temporary connections, although some may form permanent ones. Electrical connectors are an integral part of most modern day devices. Electrical connectors come in several different sizes. Connectors are a vital part of any project.

Cable drums and stageboxes

Cable drums are exposed to many different demands, to make work in the household, trade, in the industry, with television and radio broadcasters or also at events substantially easy.
Our extensive product range matches the wide-ranging demands of our customers. With their special qualities and characteristics, the individual product lines are specially designed for the specific features of the respective branches and ranges of application. And so we don’t just have something for everyone; we have exactly the right cable drum for you.

Sleeving and heatshrink

Techflex is a globally recognized specialist in the engineering and manufacture of the most advanced sleeving solutions and related products for the management and protection of wires, cables and hoses.
The innovative products are in worldwide use in applications as varied as deep space exploration satellites and undersea robotics to race cars and computer network cable management installations.

Velcro and cable ties

Velcro, neatly cleans up your messy cables.. This simple cable management solution is available in a wide variety of lengths and colors to tackle nearly any application. Adjustable Velcro ties are strong, reusable, and designed for heavier-duty indoor or outdoor use. Strong Velcro can be reused many times for high cost effectiveness.

Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes are engineered to fit our customers’ needs. Adhesive tapes are used in diverse products. The active use of adhesives is becoming a rapidly growing trend in the industrial sector. The advantages of adhesive technology are clear: it is light, clean and above all safe. When it comes to joining components securely and efficiently, technical adhesive tapes are today’s preferred choice.


Looking for mobile stage that guarantees optimum performance with very little maintenance for a lot of years? We offer the most durable and most highly advanced mobile stages.
With its considered design, incredible strength and lightweight portability Stage3 can be put together, taken apart and stored more quickly than any other staging system available today.

Music stands

RAT stands lights, music stands and conductor stands are now the preferred choice of leading music venues across the world, from Abbey Road Studios to the Metropolitan Opera House and Sydney Opera House. RAT stands are the perfect choice for musicians and schools who are looking for a fantastic stand to last the test of time.