Individual protection for more security

“Hard shell, soft centre” – this is how to describe the unbreakable and stackable Casysbox briefly and aptly.

The Casysbox is the ‘joker’ among the transport boxes because it is made of indestructible HDPE plastic and manufactured in ten standard sizes. The precisely fitting design of the interior offers extra security for the goods transported. The Casysbox itself can be equipped as a high-security box according to the planned use: it is resistant to sunlight, moisture and chemicals, waterproof and dustproof. The ‘pylocx’ locking system prevents the Casysbox against misuse, which gives maximum protection for valuable freight.

A well-thought-out security concept

The Casysbox can, if required, be equipped with the innovative ‘pylocx’ locking system from bwh’s partner ‘Lock Your World’. ‘pylocx’ is an electronic locking system offering best possible security. The box can only be opened via the ‘py Key’ (portable keyboard) with a PIN code and also a non-recurring code procedure. The data transfer to the lock is resistant to manipulation.
Engineering that creates confidence
• 10 sizes are available from stock: individual special sizes are possible from 100 units upwards
• Made of highly impact-resistant HDPE plastic
• Certified according to the U.S. military standard of MIL-STD-810G
• Airworthiness according to the ATA certification, Spec 300 CAT 1
• Unbreakable and stackable: Casysboxes are available in black and red
• Bumper guards in standard and non-standard colours
• Temperature-resistant: from -50°C to +90°C
• Dustproof and waterproof (tested by the German Safety Standards Authority (TÜV) according to IP 54)
• Optional: absolutely dustproof and waterproof (tested by the German Safety Standards Authority (TÜV) according to IP 67)
• Optional: the ‘pylocx’ locking system to prevent misuse
• Optional: GPS-aided track and trace

Individual ideas become exclusive cases – made by bwh Koffer

bwh Koffer is always developing and manufacturing special case solutions to suit clearly defined user requirements

Each case is always made with the same precision and care, too, whether it is a design-orientated presentation case or a high-security transport box. bwh Koffer is the market leader and a recognized specialist in manufacturing prestigious and high-quality cases and boxes. bwh Koffer is always the right partner for you.